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We are a team of supplier diversity and procurement experts coming together to solve supplier diversity’s biggest challenge – Connection.
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We've been busy building relationships and procuring partnerships to bring you the best opportunities that meet your skillset.
Our Story
It became clear in working with companies that matching smaller, diverse businesses with larger, often majority-owned businesses was a clunky, inefficient process. We wanted to create a platform where all types of businesses could find each other and meet other business needs in one convenient, easy to use place and DiversiFind was born. With this application, it is our hope that we have created a way to support all businesses as they seek to work together which will increase opportunity of everyone. This application is a true game changer for the supplier diversity community.
Our Roadmap
We look forward to launching additional functionality. The ability to advertise project opportunities, jobs, post ads, do contract compliance, and to streamline certification, are all on our horizon.
Young fashion designer cutting fabric in her workshop
Two women chefs exchanging joyfully laughing in a kitchen
Smiling woman wearing a hard hat in a shipping yard
Young, smiling, service worker reaching for baked goods in display
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